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Would you like to become an Apostle or a Disciple of the Last Supper Table?

The Last Supper Table is large – larger than us . . . We welcome all to be Disciples of the Last Supper Table – to share in the story, spread the word, and pledge support, in any amount, to the project.

In addition, we are quietly reaching out to 12 Apostles to help raise major support for this project. In exchange for their efforts, these 12 will have a special role in the making and marking of the table. They will be our guests at the Last Supper in Detroit, before the table leaves for Grand Rapids. If you are intrigued, we welcome you to reach out to us at

Please follow the link below to make your contribution. Checks can also be made out to “Last Supper Table” and mailed to: P.O. Box 6609, Detroit, MI 48206

Our humble thanks, Abir & Andre
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Last Supper Table is grateful to the following
for their generous support:

Luke Brogger, Quality Hardwoods of Michigan
Jeff Mercy, Hardwoods of Michigan
Richard Solano, Pike Lumber Company
Wilda Sandifer-Byrd
Rosalind Jackson
Marc A. Schwartz
McManus Family
David & Tammy Egner
Jean & David Redfield
James A. Chaffers
Donald Jones & Carol Breitmeyer
Carolyn & Christopher Leja
Tax & Accounting Consulting & Services
Joseph Petrillo
Jim Boyle & Mary Trybus
Pamela & Vincent Lewis
April & Brian Boyle
Melissa Smiley & Patricia Wren
Emily Satterthwaite
Kami & James Altman 

Special Thanks To:

Joshua Smith, Ali Sandifer Studio
Mike Glinski & Andrew Stefanik, Iron Coast
Alexander Paschka, Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts
Meiko Krishok, Guerrilla Food
Gabriel Craig, Smith Shop
Sarah Pappas, Fresh Cut Flower Farms


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